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eXtreme Flow Designer - Computer water cooling system flow design tool




CPU Block(s):

Video Card block(s):


Liquid cooling system: scheme and flow

-CPU Block
-GPU Block
-Flow Indicator

 Recommended components:
Pump:Swiftech MCP655 (or Danger Den D5 - same pump)
CPU Waterblock:Swiftech Apogee
GPU Waterblock:Low-Profile Acetal Maze4
Radiator:Single/Double Heatercore, Single/Dual-Pass: (Single-Pass is better than Dual-Pass)
Tubing:PrimoFlex or Clearflex 60 (1/2" Internal Diameter)
Tubing clamps:Black Nylon tubing clamps
Fittings:Polypropylene T and/or Y fitting

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