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eXtreme Power Supply Calculator - Calculate Wattage and Amperage for your PSU  

eXtreme Power Supply Calculator

Many people often overlook the importance of Amperage and its impact on their computers. You can find different types of Power Supplies on the market that supply more then enough Wattage to run your system. However, many of them lack Amperage, which is necessary to back offered Wattage up. Therefore, it is important that you know exactly how many Amperes your system needs in order to work properly, without PSU causing any problems or even damage to computer components.

The eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Pro contains such necessary Amperage data.

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Features Comparison Lite Pro
System Type
Up to date CPU Database
Up to date Video Cards Database
Up to date RAM, HDD, Drives Database
CPU Overclock
CPU Utilization
System Load
Capacitor Aging
Water Cooling
Ability to Mix Video Cards
Multiple Video Cards (up to 6)
Multiple Bitcoin Mining Modules (up to 5)
Amperage on +12V Rail
Amperage on +5V Rail
Amperage on +3.3V Rail
Recommended UPS Rating (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
Print Results Page with Amperes per Rails
Print Results Page with UPS Rating
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